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Back Office for Freight Forwarding

Embrace the convenience of Freight Forwarding with us – where the back office is a service and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Position your business for accelerated growth by entrusting us with your back-office freight forwarding tasks. By leveraging our services, you can concentrate exclusively on business expansion and enhancing customer satisfaction, all while saving over 40% in revenue, resources, and crucially, time. Our expertise not only guarantees cost-effectiveness but also ensures risk mitigation in data management and compliance, forming a strategic imperative for sustainable business success.

Our Comprehensive Back Office Services
for Freight Forwarding Include

Export Coordination and Documentation

Export Coordination and Documentation

Following the customer's confirmation of the booking, we collaborate with the carriers to get the booking in the relevant system, follow up with CRO, and create the Job. After the container's pickup, we give the carrier the SI and collaborate with the client to draft and complete the Bill of Lading. We fulfill country specific requirements, such as ENS and AMS filings, in accordance with the deadline. We also collaborate with international agents to provide pre-alerts and handle any necessary coordination with them. Along with creating and sending invoices, we also give the customer an onboard confirmation.

Export Coordination and Documentation
Import Coordination and Documentation

Import Coordination and Documentation

Upon receipt of the Pre-alert from overseas agent, our import support team creates the job, follows up with carriers and provides the Arrival notice with the Customer. The team produces and sends invoices, as well as gives the customer arrival confirmation.

Accounts and Invoices Coordination

Our finance & accounting support team helps freight forwarding companies by obtaining the relevant vendors' bills, checking and updating them, tracking the outstanding invoices for each job, and closely monitoring them to ensure prompt accounting. The team coordinates with Accounts team for Payment request and has close coordination with vendor and customer for Bills of Lading or Delivery Order release. We also create a weekly status report on debtors and creditors, publish it, and provide updates.

Job Tracking and Closures

Our back office team for freight forwarders ensures that all customer invoices are raised and vendor bills are booked. Our team coordinates and works closely with the respective teams to ensure that jobs are closed on time and in the appropriate numbers.

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Advantages of Partnering with ODAK Solutions

Tailored Expertise

Dive into a suite of services exclusively crafted for the shipping & logistics industry, leveraging our profound industry knowledge.

Operational Excellence

Our solutions are SLA-critical, process-driven, and oriented towards operational efficiency, guaranteeing seamless service delivery.

Cost Efficiency

Experience up to a 40% reduction in operational costs, ensuring that your resources are allocated effectively.

Skilled Professionals

Our team boasts seasoned experts from leading firms like Maersk, MSC, and Infosys, bringing a wealth of experience to every project.

Future-Forward Tech

Embrace modern, progressive technological solutions designed to keep you at the forefront of industry advancements.

Commitment to Growth

We're not just a service provider; we're a growth partner. Our strategies are aligned with your long-term goals, ensuring mutual success.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Through improved productivity and faster turnaround times, we ensure that your clients always have positive touchpoints with your brand.

Reliability & Trust

Rooted in integrity, our services ensure that hiring and attrition costs become irrelevant, placing emphasis on consistent quality and delivery.

Global Presence

With a clientele spread across various regions, our solutions cater to global standards, ensuring that you're always market-ready, no matter the geography.

Continuous Improvement

Our commitment doesn't end at delivery. We constantly refine our strategies and services, ensuring you always have the best ODAK has to offer.

ODAK Solutions, a leader in Logistics BPO and Back Office services since 2019, specializes in Business Process Outsourcing for the Shipping & Logistics industry. Our expertise in freight forwarding, NVOCC Agency, and Principal operations ensures top-notch import-export documentation and a significant cost reduction for our clients. We excel in transforming challenges into opportunities, offering a technological edge and precision in process management. Our strategies have led clients to achieve up to a 40% reduction in operational costs, enhancing their profit margins. With a global footprint across continents and a dedicated team of experts from industry leaders, ODAK is your partner in redefining the landscape of Shipping & Logistics Technology for sustainable business success.