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Our Comprehensive Back Office Services
for NVOCC Agency Include

Inventory Management

We assist in preparing and reporting principal wise daily inventory by updating the movements, reconciling the stock between terminal, yards, etc. We also coordinate and report status of load and discharge confirmations, MNR, pre-trip container inspections, Empty and laden container idling, etc.

Export Coordination and Documentation

Export Documentation and Coordination

After booking confirmed and the container is released, we work with the customer to draft and finalize the bill of lading. Additionally, we finish export manifest, work with agents via TDR and Pre-alert and co-ordinate with slot operators for container loading. The team will produce and send invoices as well as give the customer an onboard confirmation.

Import Coordination and Documentation

Import Documentation and Coordination

As part of our import coordination and documentation processes, we manage coordination with POL agents, job generation and closing, import manifest, issuing arrival notices, customer billing, and coordination with the appropriate vessel operators for seamless discharging of containers.

Import Coordination and Documentation

Transshipment Documentation and Coordination

Pre-alert receipt, filing of import transshipment manifests, working with slot operators for container discharge, connection vessel planning, filing of export transshipment manifests, and coordinating with POD agents via TDR and Pre-alert are all part of our transshipment support.

Terminal and Slot Accounting

Receiving invoices from the terminal and slot operators, reviewing and updating them, keeping track of outstanding payments and requesting them, periodically reconciling the terminal accounts in the ERP, and coordinating with the terminal for special cases are all tasks that fall under the purview of terminal accounting.

Principal SOA

Using templates, checklists, and SOP, we review and reconcile monthly performance, customer invoices, rate approvals, terminal and slot charges, detention collection, and other miscellaneous revenue and expenses. Afterwards, we coordinate to prepare and finalize the principal-wise SOA based on the agency agreement.

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