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Back Office for Freight Forwarding

Embrace the convenience of Freight Forwarding with us – where the back office is a service and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Position your business for accelerated growth by entrusting us with your back-office freight forwarding tasks. By leveraging our services, you can concentrate exclusively on business expansion and enhancing customer satisfaction, all while saving over 40% in revenue, resources, and crucially, time. Our expertise not only guarantees cost-effectiveness but also ensures risk mitigation in data management and compliance, forming a strategic imperative for sustainable business success.

Our Comprehensive Back Office Services
for NVOCC Principal Include

Asset Management

We support NVOCC principals in asset management by keeping track of, updating, and reporting on container purchases, sales, and leases. We also carry out systematic monthly asset audits.

Inventory Management

We offer insight into container movements and idle time throughout our operational sectors. We also report and coordinate daily loading performance, empty reposition, mix-up & laden idling containers in addition to empty idling inventory management.

Container Turn Around Management

Our team actively coordinates and follows up with agencies, the EQC department, and any other parties as needed to guarantee that the inventory is used appropriately and within the allotted period.


Port pair cost working, daily pricing approvals and reporting, loss sectors analysis, port pair & container type, agent-wise, profitability of special equipment, monthly performance analysis, report & detention probability analysis are all included in our pricing assistance.

Agent Management

We assist NVOCC principals in agent onboarding, agent agreements, periodic review meetings, monthly target allocation and performance monitoring.

SOA and P&L

With the use of templates, checklists, reconciliation tools, and other organized SOA processes, we assist NVOCC Principals in evaluating and finalizing monthly agent SOA. Together with our research of the variables influencing we prepare and publish monthly P&L statements along with the three-month trend. Monthly P&L review meetings that we facilitate have an impact on the current and upcoming months' plans.

Market Analysis

Our team conducts research and analysis of several statistical data and trends, like market factors, trade volumes & competition, to provide with in-depth business analysis and recommendations.

Container Insurance Management

By facilitating coordination between the customer, principal, and insurer, our back office makes container insurance possible. We also assist NVOCC principals in overseeing the handling of insurance claims.

Inspiring Customer Success Stories

Advantages of Partnering with ODAK Solutions

Tailored Expertise

Our team showcases services designed specifically for the shipping and logistics industry, curated using extensive sector study.

Operational Excellence

Our team boasts seamless service delivery, owing to its solutions that are SLA-critical, process-driven, and oriented towards operational efficiency.

Cost Efficiency

Observe a 40% decrease in running expenses, guaranteeing effective use of resources.

Skilled Professionals

We proudly boast a team of seasoned professionals from companies like Maersk, MSC and Infosys who bring considerable experience to every project.

Future-Forward Tech

Take advantage of modern, progressive technological solutions designed to ensure that you remain at the forefront of industry developments.

Commitment to Growth

We ensure to coincide our strategies to your goals and are committed to mutual success, as growth partners.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

We ensure good connections between your brand and customers thanks to better productivity and faster turnaround times.

Reliability & Trust

With integrity as our foundation, consistent quality and delivery are at the focus of our services, making hiring and attrition costs irrelevant.

Global Presence

With a client base across multiple geographies, our globally suited solutions ensure you are industry-ready anywhere.

Continuous Improvement

We're not going anywhere else. We're constantly enhancing our procedures and services to ensure that you have the best possible ODAK service.

Since its inception in 2019, ODAK Solutions has been a pivotal player in Logistics BPO, focusing on Back Office and Business Process Outsourcing specifically tailored for the Shipping & Logistics sector. Renowned for their proficiency in freight forwarding, NVOCC Agency, and Principal services, ODAK ensures exceptional handling of import-export documentation and significant cost efficiencies for its clientele. The company stands out for converting complex challenges into valuable opportunities, providing a cutting-edge technological approach and meticulous process management. Clients partnering with ODAK have observed up to a 40% decrease in their operational expenses, thereby boosting their profit margins. Spanning across various continents with a team comprising veterans from leading industry giants, ODAK Solutions is your strategic ally in revolutionizing the realm of Shipping & Logistics Technology, paving the way for enduring business prosperity.